Cyberspace:Low Profile is No Profile

Written by: Alfonso Baella

It seems difficult to tell a company how to invest in an on line advertisement campaign. It is certainly complex if you do not show strong statistical benefits of this particular environment. Is complicated stand  in one directory and request approval of a Facebook budget or for blogging  campaign  without clarity of how much more will sell and how to measure results.  But there are other perspectives that can help you look beyond those metrics.

Social networks are environments where the traditional ROI: “Return On Investment “has given way, rather, another ROI is known as the “Risk Of Ignorance” or risk being ignored. If you are not in, wrong. Wrong with the network because they sometimes do not know how to use, but worse without it because if we are not present, better turn off the lights and go. The risk to ignore us is tremendous. Put your name or brand name on Facebook…if not displayed keep on aye on it because that community has more than 350 million users and growing at a rate of one million a day. Is it so brave to go out? Does your competition’s ignorant as you?

The concept of “risk of being ignored” has another perspective comes from an acronym same name.  ROI also could means: “Return On Influence “…sounds interesting right? In Indeed, social networks generates branding and reach  minds of consumers. One can generate influence or may also receive a valuable feedback from their users or customers. This return of influence is difficult to measure in the traditional form of clicks or by the time a customer spend on the website. But that influence, if done permanent, can bring very significant results that eventually come to your pocket.

The influence is also trust and credibility. How many brands generate the feeling or convey this value to the network with only your logo or her name? There’s an opportunity.  Tap into. Low profile is no profile. If you are not online or if remains outside of social network your countdown has begun and assure a short time left.

Author: Alfonso Baella

El poder de las redes sociales este en ti. Usalas, expande tu marca y nombre.

El poder de las redes sociales este en ti. Usalas, expande tu marca y nombre.

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