Sedol Masterfile User Licence Agreement

All information (the “interactive information”) provided by Interactive Data Real-Time Services, Inc. (with their associated companies collectively called “interactive data”) is owned or authorized for interactive data, and each user is allowed to use this interactive information only for the personal use of that user. Under no circumstances can a user publish, transmit, disseminate or reproduce interactive information to third parties in any format, and no user may use interactive information in or in conjunction with a business or business, including, but not exclusively, on securities, investments, accounting, banking, legal or media companies or companies. The user recognizes that access to certain elements of the datastream, US and Global OP, CDA/Spectrum and Insider Filing may be regulated by Refinitiv or on instruction from the third-party provider of those items or may be subject to certain conditions. At the end or expiry of this license, all rights granted expire immediately and the User ceases to use the Datastream, us- and Global OP, CDA/Spectrum and Insider Filing and deletes or destroys all copies of that license in its possession or control. Copyright MSCI 2020. All rights reserved. Without MSCI`s prior written permission, this information and other MSCI intellectual property can only be used for your internal use, cannot be reproduced or disseminated in any form and cannot be used for the production of financial instruments or products or indices. This information is provided “as it is possible to see” and the user of this information supports all the risks of using this information. Neither MSCI nor third parties who participate in or are related to the processing or processing of the data, provide explicit or implied guarantees or guarantees with respect to the MSCI Index data, and are in no way responsible for direct, indirect, special, punitive, consecutive or other damages (including loss of earnings) related to the use of this information. The LSE has held this information for 30 years on more than 400,000 securities traded on the UK and international markets. It is their proprietary data and therefore their legal right to concede it.

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