West Ham Stadium Agreement

The stadium consists of different stages; During the matches, the stadium was able to hold 80,000 spectators. The base plan, which allows 25,000 seats, is a submerged elliptical bowl, made of low-carbon concrete; This contains 40 percent less carbon than conventional concrete. [20] The basic plan foundations are 5000 piles up to 20 meters deep. From there, there is a mixture of trained in-situ moulding piles, continuous flying snail piles and vibro concrete columns. The second level, which has 55,000 seats, is 315 m long, 256 m wide (840 ft) and 60 m high. [21] The stadium contains nearly a quarter of the steel as an Olympic stadium in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics, or about 10,700 tons (11,800 short tons). In addition to the minimum use of steel, which makes it 75 percent lighter, the stadium also uses high-efficiency tubes of large diameter, weary when completing North Sea pipeline projects in its compression support, recycled granite, and many construction products were transported by trains and barges and not by trucks. [22] The LLDC had fought to keep the treaty secret in the face of a resolute freedom of information campaign signed by a coalition of 14 Supporters Trusts and a petition signed by nearly 30,000 people. But earlier this week, a court decided it should publish. The contract shows that LLDC will retain the first $4 million of a naming rights contract for the stadium over a 20-year period, and that everything on 50-50 will be shared.

In September 2018, Lyn Garner, chief executive of the London Lecacy Development Corporation, revealed that the $2.5 million paid each year by West Ham did not even cover the costs of hosting the games, which would carry higher debt for the operation of the stadium for the remaining 97 years. [176] LLDC had established a commercial subsidiary, E20, as the owner of the stadium; and E20 – by appointing a stadium manager – all offer stewardess, catering, cleaning, fabric and maintenance services – even though they have de-native most of the deductible costs coming from catering concessions and bars. E20 and West Ham have faced a lengthy dispute in the High Court over the service elements included in the annual payments made under the 99-year lease and on items that could include additional regular installation costs (including West Ham, which wants to replace the coverage of the athletics track with a club line); E20 refused to open discussions on the fact that the stadium`s usable capacity could increase its full seating potential unless these disputes were resolved to their satisfaction. [177] However, in November 2018, both parties agreed to an out-of-court settlement that would increase the annual rental payment to 66,000. [178] In February 2012, 16 parties took an interest in the stadium. [143] In July 2012, four bidders were announced: [144][145] On 10 October 2006, the London Organising Committee confirmed that it had selected Sir Robert McAlpine and Populous to enter into exclusive negotiations to respect the possible contract for the design and construction of the new Olympic Stadium, after no other organisation had met the tendering criteria. [14] [15] The stadium project was presented on November 7, 2007. The stadium can also accommodate up to 80,000 spectators and has been seen as a potential for other sports such as baseball and cricket due to its oval shape and rebalancing seats. In June 2019, the stadium hosted the first regular-season regular-season baseball game in Europe, during which the Boston Red Sox played a two-game series against the New York Yankees.

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